Member Spotlight

May 2023: Iron Maple Constructors

When Iron Maple Constructors was formed in May 2020, the ownership group made it clear right out of the gate that safety was of the utmost importance. “Their belief is that production does not take precedence over safety,” said Earl Affleck, safety manager at the Dartmouth, NS-based general contractor. “If you need something, they get it for you. The safety culture has been passed down from the top.” Read the complete profile here.

March 2023: Halcor Roofing and Sheet Metal

When Michael Croft started in the roofing industry at 16 years old, there was no such thing as fall protection. “If you did feel there was a risk of falling, you had basically a lap belt with a rope on it — and there’s nothing safe about that either,” said Croft, who is the president of Halcor Roofing and Sheet Metal, based in Halifax. “If I was a kid now, I would feel much safer being on sites that I did back then.” He also says it is negligence and ignorance to not be COR® certified. read the full profile here.

February 2023: Twin City Painting

Twin City Painting recently developed a diversity and inclusion policy that explicitly outlines what behaviours are not acceptable in the workplace, encourages workers to come forward if they are on the receiving end of bulling or harassment, and indicates what behaviours are zero tolerance and will result in immediate termination of employment. Read the full profile here. 

January 2023: The Shaw Group

The Shaw Group has a variety of tools in its safety toolbox for engaging its workers to remain safe on the job, including an internal marketing campaign with a “Safety First” theme; encouraging employees to report hazard IDs and near misses; employee-led initiatives for NAOSH Week; and much more. Read the full profile here.

December 2022: Kings Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Kings Refrigeration employees can be found servicing roof top units on commercial buildings and installing heat pumps in remote areas — all while driving on icy or dirt roads — but no matter where they are working, safety is always top of mind. In fact, safety is so strong at this company that many auditors have told them it is one of the best safety programs they have seen in the province. Read the full profile here.

NOVEMBER 2022: Southwest Properties

Every Southwest development site has a safety advisor. Having a dedicated advisor on each site has contributed to Southwest’s strong safety culture and low lost-time injury rate. Advisors are on sites every day, ready and available to support Southwest’s subtrades. Read the full profile here.

OCTOBER 2022: rcs construction

rcs construction crew

At rcs construction in Bedford, being 100 percent hard hats is not enough — they’re 100 percent glasses too. “Safety glasses may not always be a legislative requirement, but we feel they are just as important as hard hats,” said Ashley Tingley, safety manager at rcs construction. To get buy in from employees around PPE and other safety initiatives, the safety team finds ways to make safety fun such as giving out prizes, having pizza parties and BBQs, and setting up some friendly competition during NAOSH Week. Read the full profile here. 


Marco Group work site

At Marco Group, communication and consistency are keys to safety success. Marco Group is the largest Atlantic Canadian-based general contractor. They operate in the retail, commercial, recreational, multi-residential, entertainment, health care, educational, and light industrial sectors as design-builders, construction managers, and  general contractors. The company is proud to be COR® certified and it actively encourages this certification in its subcontractors. Read the full profile here.