Musculoskeletal Injuries & Ergonomics

Musculoskeletal injuries make up 60 per cent of all time-loss injuries. In a typical year they cost Nova Scotia employers $20 million in workers’ compensation and direct medical costs. The real cost of musculoskeletal injuries to Nova Scotia industry is estimated between $100 million and $1 billion per year. This includes direct and indirect costs – things like lost productivity, replacing workers, overtime, training, equipment damage, and so on.

Source: Preventing musculoskeletal injury through workplace design, Workers’ Compensation Boards of Nova Scotia


Occupational Ergonomics and COR® Requirements Webinar

Did you know Musculoskeletal Injuries are a leading cause of Workers’ Compensation claims in Nova Scotia? These injuries often result in long term claims that both negatively affect workers’ quality of life and drive compensation costs for employers.

On July 19, 2024 at 12:00pm, join our webinar with Occupational Health & Safety Advisor, Colin Creaser, CSS, NHSA. He will provide an overview of ergonomic principles, explain assessment processes, discuss hazard identification methods and review COR® requirements.

A recording of the webinar will be posted after it is complete.

Safety Talks

We have created a series of Safety Talks about Musculoskeletal Injuries.

Safety Talk – Awkward Postures

Safety Talk – Back Care

Safety Talk – Construction Ergonomics

Safety Talk – Overhead Work

Safety Talk – Repetition

Additional Information

Our partners at The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) have compiled an extensive bank of resources on Musculoskeletal Injuries & Ergonomics. For FAQs, manuals, policies, training and more, visit their website.