Established in 1994, Construction Safety Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit association funded by and responsible to the construction industry in Nova Scotia. Whether you are a worker, an employer, a safety professional or a high school student, we are your leading health and safety resource provider. We will work with you to help develop the knowledge, values, and skills needed for safer work practices. We offer COR® certification, safety training, free youth training, safety program development mentorship, NCSO®/ NHSA™ designations, customizable safety program templates, safety products and more.

Our trainers are the best in the business who use real world industry examples throughout their training. They are highly-qualified, competent, and engaging safety professionals. We train all across the province, from Sydney to Yarmouth and everywhere in between.

Members of Construction Safety Nova Scotia are any firms registered with the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia under the construction industry classification codes 4011-4499 & 3551. In collaboration with our members, we work diligently to affect a positive culture shift in the construction industry of Nova Scotia.