TRAC Cards

Introducing a new way to track your training!

Training Record and Certification (TRAC) Cards are personalized cards that track your CSNS training in an online record. You can use your TRAC Card to view, download, and print your certificates from anywhere at any time. It is a quick and easy way to view your completed and expired courses and to share your training records. 

Beginning March 27, 2024, TRAC Cards will be provided to all students when they complete in-person or virtual training.   

To learn more about TRAC Cards, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Training Record and Certification (TRAC) Cards are physical cards that provide a personalized link and QR code to an online record of your training with Construction Safety Nova Scotia. From your online record, you can view your completed training and your certification expiration dates, and you can download a certificate of completion for each of your courses. * Your TRAC Card is your personal training record. It should be treated like personal ID or banking cards and kept safe by you. 

*Please note: Courses that are provided by an external provider will be listed on your online record, but the certificate will not be downloadable from your online record. For a full listing of these courses, see A course is on my record, but it is missing a downloadable certificate.  

You will receive your TRAC Card when you complete your next in-person or virtual course 

If you are not enrolled in any upcoming courses, your company can request a TRAC Card Order Form via email at 

No. Your TRAC Card provides you with a link to an online record of all courses you have taken with CSNS. After you complete a new course, it will be added to your online record and will be accessible via your unique link or QR code. 

The link and QR code on your card will be active when you receive it.  

You can access your online record by typing your personalized URL into a web browser, or by using a camera on a web-enabled smartphone or tablet to scan your QR code. This link will never change, so you can save it in your bookmarks or a safe place. We recommend taking a picture of your TRAC Card and saving it to your primary device. Additionally, we recommend downloading or screenshotting your individual training certificates so that you can access them if you are without internet access. 

Please allow seven business days for a course to appear on your online record. This time accounts for grading and processing. If it has been more than seven business days since your last course, please call 1-800-971-3888 or email and we will help to resolve the issue. 

Courses that are provided by an external provider will be listed on your online record, but they will not have a downloadable certificate on your online record. These courses are:  

  • Basic First Aid 
  • Intermediate First Aid 
  • Mental Health First Aid 
  • Temporary Workplace Signer 
  • Traffic Control Person 
  • H2S Awareness (Online) 
  • Rigging Awareness (Online) 
  • Scaffolding Awareness (Online) 

Separate certificates will continue to be issued for these courses.  

If there is an error in the information on your online record, please call 1-800-971-3888 or email and we will help to resolve the issue. 

Your first TRAC Card is free. Replacement cards will be available for a $20 fee + HST. Please call 1-800-971-3888 or email to order a replacement card.

Your employer can view and print all their CSNS employee training records via their Safety Net account.  

If you must show your certification to someone other than your employer, you can use your personalized link to go to your record and download a pdf file of each of your training certificates.  

Your TRAC Card is your personal training record. It is yours to keep regardless of your employer.  

If you change employers, please contact CSNS at 1-800-971-3888 or, and we will remove access to your training records from your previous employer’s Safety Net profile. 

Safety Net is a system that provides employers with real-time access to employee training records from CSNS. There is no fee for this service.

For more information, read our Safety Net FAQ.

If you are an employer, you can set-up and access your Safety Net account at