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Did you know you are legally responsible for the following?

  • Ensuring the health and safety of everyone at or near your workplace(s). This includes employees, contractors, guests and the general public.
  • Ensuring your company has an effective health and safety program is the best method to ensure you are fulfilling this responsibility.

Our team of Occupational Health and Safety Advisors can assist you! Member services can include a phone consultation, a visit to our office or an extensive on-site consultation with one of our OH&S Advisors. Contact us today to book an appointment or stop by our offices at 35 MacDonald Avenue, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Advisory Services

Construction Safety Nova Scotia provides free access to safety advisors who can advise on all aspects of safety. These may include assistance on safety program generation and maintenance including developing comprehensive hazard assessments, conducting successful JOHS Committee meetings, developing training plans for your staff, assisting to develop preventative maintenance systems for tools, equipment and vehicles, assistance in developing safe work practices and safe job procedures. Please inquire to see if our services can assist with your needs.

Our advisors can work directly with members of your staff, conduct presentations for your company, assess the quality of existing safety programs and program elements, and assist in developing action plans to improve health and safety outcomes. The advisor team is as comfortable working on a busy construction site as they are in an office or shop environment. Our OHS Advisors will go where needed to best serve you.


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