Temporary Workplace Signer

Duration of the course:
2 Days
Member - $138
Associate Member Plus - $242
Associate Member - $334
Participants must be at least 16 years old at the time of registration and possess strong literacy skills.*

Traffic Control Person course within the last three years.

*As required by Nova Scotia Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal.

Equipment Required to Bring:
Course Summary:
This course is required to work as a Temporary Workplace Signer in Nova Scotia and is designed for supervisors and managers. The course is designed & offered by the Department of Transportation and Renewal and facilitated by an accredited CSNS instructor.

The course provides a detailed understanding of the principles and fundamentals of the Nova Scotia Temporary Workplace Traffic Control Manual. Participants will learn how to select appropriate set-ups and procedures for temporary workplaces on highways and streets. Participants of this course will have the knowledge and skill to ensure the safety of Temporary Workplace personnel.
Certificate Expiry:
3 Years