Mobile Elevated Work Platform (Boom & Scissor Lift)

On Demand

Classroom Course

1 Day
Member - $150 + HST
Associate Member Plus - $175 + HST
Associate Member - $200 + HST

Fall Protection I – Basic from Construction Safety Nova Scotia within the last three (3) years.
Required equipment:
CSA approved work boots, hard hat, & fully inspected/tagged Class “A” harness. (SRL-LE will be supplied for use in practical .)

Clothing appropriate for practical training indoors or outdoors (warehouse).
Course Summary:
This training meets the training and practical requirements outlined in the Nova Scotia Workplace Health and Safety Regulations, as well as CSA Standard B354 and applicable revisions.


  • An overview of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, their types, components, and safe operating principles.

  • Understanding the legal requirements and industry standards governing the use of MEWPs in Nova Scotia.

  • Detailed information about different types of MEWPs, their applications, and suitable working environments.

  • Training on conducting thorough inspections of MEWPs before each use to ensure they are safe and in proper working condition.

  • Hands-on training on how to operate MEWPs safely, including maneuvering, positioning, and proper use of controls.

  • Fall protection systems and how to properly wear and use Fall Protection equipment while operating MEWPs.

  • Identifying potential hazards in the work area and conducting risk assessments to mitigate them.

  • Preparing for emergencies and understanding rescue protocols in case of accidents or equipment malfunctions.

  • Hands-on practice sessions using MEWPs to build confidence and competence in their safe operation.

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This course is available on demand. Email or call 902-468-6696 / 1-800-971-3888 to inquire. 
Certificate Expiry:
3 Years