Peer Support Leaders

Introducing Peer Support Leader Pat Maclean


Meet Pat Maclean, one of our volunteer Peer Support Leaders of our new FREE Peer Support Program. Pat has worked with Dexter Construction for 25 years and currently works as their Commercial Fleet Superintendent. At a young age, Pat was diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), later in life after experiencing anxiety attacks and anxiety-related issues.

“My inspiration behind joining CSNS’s Peer Support Program is to bring mental health training and support groups to my employees, organization, and other folks in our industry. We all have mental health, like our physical health and supporting our mental health is a part of the formula for creating a safe work environment,” says Pat Maclean, Peer Support Leader with Construction Safety Nova Scotia and Commercial Fleet Superintendent with Dexter Construction. “I encourage people to take part in breaking the stigma,” Pat says, “don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, it’s about listening to people.” The more we ask questions, the more we understand, and then the more empathy we can feel to help support others around us, who may just need to be reassured they’re not alone.

When you attend a mental health peer support session with Pat Maclean, there are zero expectations. You are more than welcome to attend and listen to others. You might end up finding other individuals sharing similar experiences to your own.

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