Small Business

Below are the steps required in achieving COR for a small business. Overall duration of time to complete your training, evaluation, and certification varies between companies. 

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Training Requirements

  • Construction Entry-Level Training
  • Principles of Health & Safety Management
  • Hazard Identification & Control
  • COR® Evaluation
  • First Aid and WHIMS & any additional compliance-based training required compliance-based training required

Safety Program Implementation

Your safety program should meet the specific needs of your company. You must:

  • Complete a Comprehensive Hazard Assessment
  • Implement safe work practices
  • Write safe job procedures
  • Create / Update policies to reflect new safety standards
  • Provide supporting documentation of your safety program.

Safety Program Review

Submit to CSNS:

  • Completed COR® Evaluation Instrument
  • Safety Manual (First Year only)
  • Payment of Evaluation Fee

Receive Certificate of Recognition & Letter of Good Standing

Certification Maintenance

Small Businesses must maintain their safety program, complete a yearly evaluation, and pay the COR® evaluation fee to receive their annual Letter of Good Standing.

*Random COR® evaluations are performed on 5% of certified companies.  This is done to maintain the integrity and quality of the COR® standard.

Evaluation Fees : First time submission is FREE for Members (subsequent submissions are $138 for Members); $276 Associate Member Plus; $363 Associate Member

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