Intermediate Business

Below are the steps required in achieving COR for an intermediate business. Overall duration of time to complete your training, evaluation, and certification varies between companies. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Training Requirements

  • Construction Entry-Level Training
  • Principles of Loss Control
  • Hazard Identification & Control
  • COR Evaluation
  • Leadership for Safety Excellence
  • + Any compliance-based training required

Safety Program Implementation

Your safety program should meet the specific needs of your company. You must:

  • Complete a Comprehensive Hazard Assessment
  • Implement safe work practices
  • Write safe job procedures
  • Create / Update policies to reflect new safety standards
  • Provide supporting documentation of your safety program.

This step proves your safety program is functioning and benefiting your company.

Safety Program Review

Submit to CSNS:

  • Completed COR Evaluation Instrument
  • Safety Manual (First Year only)
  • Payment of Evaluation Fee

External Evaluation:

  • A CSNS safety advisor will contact you to book an external audit

Receive Certificate of Recognition & Letter of Good Standing

Certification Maintenance

Intermediate Businesses must maintain their safety program, complete a yearly evaluation, and pay the COR evaluation fee to receive their annual Letter of Good Standing.

*Random COR evaluations are performed on 5% of certified companies.  This is done to maintain the integrity and quality of the COR standard.

Evaluation Fees :

1st Year & 4th Year: $339 Member, $730 Associate Member Plus, $995 Associate Member

2nd Year & 3rd year:  $138 Member, $276 Associate Member Plus, $363 Associate Member