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We have developed a brand new comprehensive online course called the Construction Entry Level Training (CELT) Program and it is available to all at no cost! We are also now offering Owner/Operator which is available to our Members at no cost and WHMIS 2015 which will be available to our Members at no cost until April 1, 2017.

To learn more about our online offerings, click here.

If you are part of an educational institution or are not a Member and would like access to the CELT Program, we will have to generate your Access Code. If you have not already acquired your Access Code from us, please contact our office.


NEW External Evaluation Process!

Effective immediately member firms in their external evaluation year will no longer receive a COR evaluation instrument booklet within 90 days of the expiration date of their Letter of Good Standing.

Instead, members will now receive a pre-external evaluation checklist that will be used as a guide for reviewing their safety program to ensure they are ready for their upcoming external evaluation. A Construction Safety Nova Scotia OHS Advisor will be in touch with members within this 90 day period to set up an external evaluation date and provide the member with the checklist (via email).

Checklists are for preparation purposes only and do not need to be submitted to Construction Safety Nova Scotia. We encourage you to please retain the checklist for your records.


We offer a Supervisor course that covers the requirements to teach our WHMIS GHS 2015 course in-house. The cost will be based on your membership rate. Please call or register online. (1-902-468-6696 ext. 19, 21 or 27).

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Established in 1994, our not-for-profit association is funded by and responsible to the construction industry in Nova Scotia.

Whether you are a worker, an employer, a safety professional or a high school student; we are your leading health and safety resource provider in Nova Scotia. From COR certification, safety training and designations, free youth training, safety products and more; Construction Safety Nova Scotia is your one stop workplace safety solution.

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