Rigging Awareness

Duration of the course:
4-6 hours
Member – $69
Associate Member Plus – $69
Associate Member - $69
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Course Summary:
A sound understanding of rigging is a critical part of the skill set for many trades and technical occupations. The rigging module (designed by Pixelyard) uses interactive 3D models and other media elements to provide trainees with accurate, easy to understand instruction on Wire Rope, Slings, and Rigging Hardware. Through narrated animations and exercises, trainees are introduced to a wide range of rigging components and associated terminology, guidelines for their use, including Safety Factors and Working Load Limit (WLL) calculations.

Interactive 3D models of components and tools provide trainees with a valuable way to clearly visualize rigging components and their use. Trainees will complete several Knowledge Check exercises to validate their training, identify areas of weakness for further review, and to prepare them for hands-on work on the job.

This course is for awareness only. A classroom course with practical hands-on components is required for jobsite certification and compliance. To register for this course please email scoleman@constructionsafetyns.ca 
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