*NEW* Standard First Aid Online

Duration of the course:
online 4-5 hours; practical 3-4 hours
Member - $115
Associate Member Plus - $115
Associate Member - $115
Equipment Required to Bring:
- Comfortable clothing appropriate for practical indoor exercises
- Computer and internet access for online proponent
Course Summary:
Participants will learn the roles and responsibilities of citizens who have Standard First Aid training.

Content includes Emergency First Aid (Link to Emergency First aid) content plus: Casualty management, 2-person CPR with infant, burns, head and spinal injuries, multiple injury management, performing secondary survey and splint injury, and rescue carries. The course offers demonstrations and practice exercises.

Step 1: Complete the theory-based component online and receive a 90 day temporary certificate.

Part 2: Schedule the practical component in a socially distanced, compliant setting within the following 90 days to complete your certification.

To register for this course, please email scoleman@constructionsafetyns.ca to provide your name and payment information to gain access!

This course meets the provincial regulations for Standard First Aid in Nova Scotia.
Certificate Expiry:
3 Years