*NEW* Fall Protection: Basic for Workers (At Home Study)

Duration of the course:
Independent Study: 4-6 hours. Practical: 0.25 hours.
Member – $46
Associate Member Plus - $69
Associate Member - $92
Fall Protection certificate holders that have expired within the last 6 months are eligible for this program. This program is not for first-time certification. This program can be taken a maximum of (1) time before classroom training is required for re-certification.

Once the student is registered for the self-study program, they will receive a PDF of the student manual along with the link to the final online quiz through Survey Monkey. The self-study program is designed to be completed on the students own time and pace. Once the student feels comfortable with the material, they are required to complete the final quiz on Survey Monkey.

Results will be emailed to the student by one of our advisors upon completion of the final quiz. The assigned advisor will schedule a time for the student to conduct the practical portion of this course. The practical portion consists of properly fitting a full body harness in front of an advisor on either on Zoom (9AM or 6PM Wednesdays) or at the CSNS warehouse in Dartmouth (11AM to 1PM Thursdays). Please note: The student needs to provide their own full body harness.

A Fall Protection Basic Training Certificate will be presented as a result of a successful practical demonstration that meets the requirements of the program. This certificate will also be available on the students personal and company training portal. As with our in classroom course, the training certificate will be valid for 3 years from the date of completion. If the student did not meet the passing requirements, they will be contacted by an OHS Advisor and offered support.
Equipment Required to Bring:
CSA approved full body harness.
Course Summary:
Practical Element – Once the independent study and online testing portion of the program is complete, you will be required to demonstrate practical knowledge of donning a fall protection harness. One of our instructors will reach out to you to set up this session. The practical can be done in one of 3 ways:

  • participating in a Zoom video-call with one of our instructors;

  • In person at our facility.

Certificate Expiry:
3 Years