*NEW* Fall Protection: Basic for Workers (At Home Study)

Duration of the course:
Independent Study: 4-6 hours. Practical: 0.25 hours.
Member – $46
Associate Member Plus - $69
Associate Member - $92
Fall Protection certificate holders that have expired within the last 6 months are eligible for this program. This program is not for first-time certification. This program can be taken a maximum of (1) time before classroom training is required for recertification.
Equipment Required to Bring:
CSA approved full body harness.
Course Summary:
Practical Element – Once the independent study and online testing portion of the program is complete, you will be required to demonstrate practical knowledge of donning a fall protection harness. One of our instructors will reach out to you to set up this session. The practical can be done in one of 3 ways:

  • participating in a Zoom video-call with one of our instructors;

  • In person at our facility.

Certificate Expiry:
3 Years