The Construction Safety Culture Project has three goals

To understand and communicate safety culture from the perspective of the construction industry.
To develop a valid and reliable assessment tool for construction safety culture.
To develop and test multiple safety culture improvement initiatives.

What is Safety Culture?

Every organization has a safety culture. Some safety cultures are positive and work for your organization, while others are negative and work against your organization. Safety culture consists of safety related beliefs, attitudes, and values that are often not talked about or noticed: “it is just the way we do things around here.”

Your organization’s safety culture is determined by your leadership, your coworkers, and your work practices.

Assessing your organization’s safety culture can:

  1. Identify aspects of a positive safety culture to further promote.
  2. Reveal any aspects of a negative safety culture that you can work towards changing.

“Deeply held but often unspoken safety-related beliefs, attitudes, and values that interact with an organization’s systems, practices, people, and leadership to establish norms about how things are done in the organization. Safety culture is a subset of and clearly influenced by, organizational culture. Organizations often have multiple cultures or subcultures, and this may be particularly true in construction.” (NIOSH/CPWR, 2013, p.14)

What is the Construction Safety Culture research project?

Construction Safety Nova Scotia is working to improve safety culture throughout the industry. Our association provides quality, accessible, and affordable services to reduce time-loss claims, which in turn improves the safety culture. Since 2015 we have been researching factors that influence safety culture, engaging with organizations, analyzing the data, and providing safety culture interventions. Through our research we have found Safety Culture in Nova Scotia is unique and requires a concentrated approach focusing on outcome-orientated interventions. To achieve our goals, we partnered with Talos Analytics and Consulting. Click here to view the project scope.

What does it mean to participate?

Participating in the project involves the following:

  1. Completing the safety culture assessment with as many of your employees from your organization as possible.
  2. Once the results have been assessed, Construction Safety Nova Scotia will provide your company a report outlining the results of the analysis specifically for your company, and how your company compares to the provincial average.
  3. If your company is interested and/or willing, Construction Safety Nova Scotia will discuss potential interventions to improve your organization’s safety culture and provide recommendations.
  4. Following implementation of your interventions, there is a final evaluation to monitor the success of your program.
  5. A report is provided to help sustain your improved safety culture.

Participating members will receive this all at no cost.

Interventions Toolbox

We developed two distinct pathways, both short-term and long-term interventions, to improve your organization’s safety culture.

We work with companies to conduct a needs assessment to identify appropriate interventions based on their Safety Culture results.

  • Safety culture: Practical Leadership Skills Course
  • Near Miss Reporting Program
  • Role Specific Stretching Program
  • Goal-Setting for Safety
  • Communication Training
  • Best Practices for Safety Management

Research and Presentations