Mission & Vision

Our Mission: “We commit to achieve a positive occupational health & safety culture within the Nova Scotia construction industry through the provision of quality, accessible, and affordable services” . Our Vision: “Together, construction workers and employers will make the Nova Scotia construction industry the safest in Canada.”

CSNS Operational Plan 2021 – No Budget

Operational Principles




  • Achieve 100% awareness by employer members of membership status & benefits of Construction Safety Nova Scotia
  • Achieve 100% awareness by employer members of basic OH&S legislative requirements
  • Ensure 80% of employer members have accessed our services within a 3year period
  • Ensure 100% of our services will be accessible or available online throughout the province
  • Continually review and improve service delivery methods and techniques to ensure OH&S knowledge transfer and retention effectiveness
  • Achieve 60% of employer members participating in compliance training
  • Establish industry benchmarks and assess performance against those benchmarks
  • Achieve 40% of employer members COR certified



  • Reduce time-loss claims in the construction industry by 35%
  • Participation in CSNS injury reduction program(s) by all employer members with time-loss claims
  • Enhance our partnerships with government to ensure services are provided to those employer members having workplace injuries



  • Ensure key stakeholders and buyers of constructions services are champions of OH&S and injury prevention in construction
  • Foster strategic partnerships with government agencies and educational institutions to improve industry compliance
  • Develop a minimum OH&S entry level standard for Nova Scotia construction workers
  • Increase participation in CSCS safety designation programs to 15%
  • Position CSNS as the primary point of contact and premier provider of OH&S services in the construction industry
  • Leverage the WSIS initiatives for continued participation in the youth safety awareness programs
  • Encourage the development of a rate model for the Nova Scotia construction industry that reflects the impact of the construction sector improvement
  • Collaborate with our partners to improve the efficiency and outcomes for prevention and enforcement issues.

Who We Are – PDF NSCSA TowardsZero 2014-2020