Annual General Meeting & Awards Ceremony

Live Stream AGM 2022 – Awards Ceremony 

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This Year’s Event Information:

Date: Thursday May 12, 2022

Time: 10am

Location: Hybrid: In-person and virtual AGM hosted through Zoom Webinar and at the Best Western Hotel Dartmouth. 15 Spectacle Lake Dr, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1X7. Members are welcome to attend in-person for the ceremony and lunch or join virtually on Zoom. 

Event: Join us as we celebrate the achievements of our member firms in the area of safety excellence, review the past year at CSNS, and a feature keynote presentation about mental health followed by an interactive workshop after lunch. Speaker to be announced soon.


Every year, Construction Safety Nova Scotia celebrates the achievements of its member firms at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Awards Ceremony.

Construction Safety Nova Scotia is interested in new and innovative ways to improve on and build strategies that positively impact the direction of the construction industry. Providing mentorship, safety training and advice, Construction Safety Nova Scotia is here to help you bring fresh ideas and strategies that will set you on the best road possible towards achieving a safer workplace.

At our AGM’s, we’re pleased to celebrate our members’ achievements in striving to make Nova Scotia the safest province in Canada.

2021-2022 Award Nomination Form

To submit your nomination please submit this form: CSNS AGM Nominations Form Survey (

Award Categories:

4 Main Award Categories:

(NEW) Most Improved – This award is presented to a company who has demonstrated significant health and safety improvement and growth in the previous year. This company’s strong leadership, employee engagement and robust investment in and focus on health and safety drives continuous improvement. The resulting outcomes can be seen in the closure of program gaps, fewer incidents and a proactive approach to health and safety performance.

Safety Champion Award – This award is given to individuals who consistently demonstrate outstanding safety excellence and support for their industry peers. These leaders and their respective organizations are honoured for publicly assuming a leadership role in advancing the objective of reducing economic and human losses resulting from workplace accidents.

Best Safety Innovation Award – This award is given to a company that demonstrates the use of a better or novel idea or method to achieve safety in their workplace.

Women and Safety Leadership Award – This award is presented to a woman in occupational health and safety who exemplifies the highest standards for safety leadership, going above and beyond to create change. This individual leads by example, fostering positive safety culture and innovation in their organization and the industry. This award honours the contributions of women in the construction industry and their ongoing commitment to safety excellence.