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Construction Safety Nova Scotia Course Descriptions

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  • Accident/Incident Investigation

    This course provides a basic understanding of identifying and controlling the underlying causes of work site injuries. Participants will learn how to find and eliminate the root cause, the differences between an accident and an incident and the importance effective incident reporting through class discussions and group activities.

  • CELT

    ​This course is designed to provide an introduction to health and safety in the construction industry. We will explore legal rights and responsibilities; learn what a hazard is and how to conduct a hazard assessment, review high risk tasks and environments commonly encountered by those in the construction industry, as well as covering requirements for emergency preparedness. The knowledge and skills you take away from this course will allow you to play an active role in protecting the health and safety of yourself and others.

  • Confined Space Awareness - Generic

    The course provides participants with an understanding of the hazards associated with working in a confined space environment and addresses proper safe work practices and procedures for confined spaces, as well as rescue considerations.

    The course meets the minimum requirements for workers and supervisors who enter into confined space areas. Occupational Health and Safety Regulations are also examined.

  • Confined Space Awareness - Practical

    This course provides technical, hands-on training for confined space entry and non-entry rescue. In a staged simulator, participants learn safe lowering, raising, entering of a confined space under different scenarios. Also included; conducting inspections, completing hazard assessments, permits, ventilation, testing and lockout/tag out.

     *Personal Protective Equipment must be provided by the participant: CSA approved work boots, hard hat, eye protection, gloves, and type "E" harness.

    ** Prerequisite for this course is Construction Safety Nova Scotia's Confined Space Awareness Generic.

  • Confined Space Awareness - Refresher

    In this condensed version of our two day Confined Space Generic course, participants will learn to identify and analyze physical hazards that may be present in their confined space work. With group exercises throughout the day, participants will learn to complete a hazard assessment, understand safe work  practices and interpret the Occupational Health and Safety regulations.


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