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Become Safety Certified

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

A COR that is CFCSA Recognized

Construction Safety Nova Scotia's Certificate of Recognition (COR) program is the most widely accepted standard for safety certification in Atlantic Canada. Since 1994, over 2,600 firms have achieved this certification through continuous efforts on their safety program.

A COR evaluation measures the quality and results of your safety program. Your company must conduct a yearly self-evaluation to achieve and maintain Construction Safety Nova Scotia Certificate of Recognition (COR) status.

Construction Safety Nova Scotia provides a COR instrument for companies going through the COR process. Your company must complete this evaluation and return it to Construction Safety Nova Scotia for review. Firms recertifying receive one copy free on their renewal date. However, the evaluation instrument is a useful tool for any company looking to evaluate its safety program. To order, visit our products page.

Construction Safety Nova Scotia is the only safety provider in Nova Scotia that has a nationally accepted standard. As a member of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Association (CFCSA), Construction Safety Nova Scotia is the only provider in Nova Scotia that offers employers CFCSA recognized COR certifications. Through a reciprocity agreement, certification is met with any province that has a provincial safety association.

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