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Serving our membership since 1994

Safety Training

Established in February 1994, Construction Safety Nova Scotia mandate is to affect a positive culture shift within the provincial construction industry. This culture shift is brought about through the use of strategic interventions intended to create an environment which makes this change possible.

Construction Safety Nova Scotia delivers safety education and other safety oriented services in every region of Nova Scotia. The effectiveness of a safety program is measured by decreases in injuries to our fellow workers, decreases in financial loss in equipment and property damage, decreases in compensation and liability cost and improved competitiveness and profits for the industry.

The Association’s Board of Directors is responsible for policy and budget approval and includes representatives from private industry, unions and government. Day-to-day operations of the Association are managed by the General Manager and Construction Safety Nova Scotia staff.

Learn more below on our goals, founding members and board of directors.

Our Operational Principles - "The actions of our past contribute to the architecture of our future."

  • User-driven services and products
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Fostering shared values for safe work
  • Supporting young construction workers
  • Quality and efficient service delivery
  • Evidence based decision making 
  • Focused on improving outcomes 

Founding Members

Construction Safety Nova Scotia Board of Directors

Construction Safety Nova Scotia board of directors unites members from private industry, organized labour and government.

  • Kent Nickerson Representing Atlantic Concrete Association Chair
  • Gary Rudolph Representing Nova Scotia Road Builders Association Ex Chair
  • Gordon Jacobs Representing the Cape Breton Building and Construction Trades Council Vice Chair
  • Andrew Holley Representing Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association Secretary, Treasurer
  • Bruce Collins Representing Construction Safety Nova Scotia Construction Safety Nova Scotia General Manager, Ex-officio
  • Brad Smith Representing Mainland Nova Scotia Building & Construction Trades Council Director
  • Milton Howley Representing Nova Scotia Power Inc. Director
  • Heather Cruickshanks Representing Construction Association of Nova Scotia Director
  • Don Maillet Representing Nova Scotia Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal Director
  • Dan Monk Representing Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association Director
  • Mike Clements Representing Nova Scotia Road Builders Association Director
  • David Sobey Representing Construction Association of Nova Scotia Director
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