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Construction Safety Nova Scotia offers the following online courses:

  • Principles of Loss Control
  • Hazard Identification and Control
  • COR Evaluation
  • Leadership for Safety Excellence 
  • Owner/Operator
    (Available at no cost to Members)
  • WHMIS GHS 2015
    (Available at no cost to Members until April 1, 2017)
  • Construction Entry Level Training (CELT)
    (Available to everyone at no cost. Please note, the CELT program must be accessed through the Internet Explorer browser and will only work on a PC)

To register for WHMIS GHS 2015 or the Owner/Operator online training courses you need to be a Member and will need your Member ID.  You are a Member if your organization pays WCB fees and are in WCB SIC codes 3551, and 4011-4499. Your Member ID is your organization's WCB firm number. Your employer will supply your Member ID/WCB firm number. If you are having issues accessing your Member ID or are not a member please contact our office. 

An administrator also needs to be setup in our database for your organization in order to approve your access request. You will receive an alert when you input your Member ID if no administrator account is setup. If so, please contact your organization and have them contact our office  to setup an administrator account. 

If you are part of an educational institution or are not a Member and would like access to the CELT Program, we will have to generate your Access Code. If you have not already acquired your Access Code from us, please contact our office.

To register for the online training courses click on the title of the course listed below. 

If you require VIP access to our online training, which allows you the ability to register employees/students on behalf of your organization, please contact our office.

Principles of Loss Control 

Provides participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to customize and develop an effective loss control/safety program. This course will walk participants through the tools and resources necessary in safeguarding their workplace.

(This course is available at no cost to members)

Hazard identification and Control

This course provides a basic understanding of how to properly conduct job site and comprehensive hazard assessments. Participants will learn why hazard assessments are necessary, how to identify hazards, and how to control them. There will also be hands on practical exercises and group activities throughout the day.

(This course is available at no cost to members)

COR Evaluation

Provides participants with the practical knowledge needed to use the COR Evaluation Instrument through instruction and practical exercises. When complete, participants will be able to comfortably use the COR Evaluation Instrument to judge the strengths and limitations of their company's safety program.

(Prerequisite for this course is Principles of Loss Control. This course is available at no cost to members)

Leadership for Safety Excellence

Provides participants with the knowledge needed to take a leadership role in the field of Occupational Health and Safety. Designed for supervisors and managers, participants will learn their roles and responsibilities, effective communication, in-house training and the importance of workplace inspections and accident investigations.

(This course is available at no cost to members)


This program is designed to assist participants’ in understanding the features of an effective safety program and safety issues facing owner/operators

*This course is required for COR Certification of Owner/Operators (1 person- does not employ others or subcontract any work)


This online course will cover the key elements of both the WHMIS 1988 and WHMIS GHS 2015 systems of classification and labeling of chemicals. Specifically, this course will provide participants with guidance on the process of chemical classification and hazards communication through the use of labels and Material (Safety Data Sheets) or M(SDS). Responsibilities, hazard symbols, and hazard pictograms will also be addressed.

*This course is $30 + HST for Members and Non-Members)


This course is designed to provide an introduction to health and safety in the construction industry. We will explore legal rights and responsibilities; learn what a hazard is and how to conduct a hazard assessment, review high risk tasks and environments commonly encountered by those in the construction industry, as well as covering requirements for emergency preparedness. The knowledge and skills you take away from this course will allow you to play an active role in protecting the health and safety of yourself and others.

*Please be advised this course must be accessed through the Internet Explorer browser and will only work on a PC.

**This course is required by all firms seeking COR Certification

The following courses are also offered online in partnership through a third party and include a fee:


*Please note, to register for the following courses you must contact our office.


Cost: $149 + HST

The proper erection and use of scaffolding is a primary safety concern for construction and industrial trades, and a standard topic for ongoing upgrade training in those occupations. Scaffolding introduces students to basic principles, guidelines for use and common components and terminology. The module reviews the procedures for assembling frame scaffolding and provides detailed step by step instruction and hands-on exercises in the correct procedures for assembling modular system and tube and clamp scaffolding systems. Interactive 3d models of components and tools provide students with a clear understanding of each step and how it must be performed. By practicing assembly procedures using the Scaffolding module students can be better prepared, and more confident, when they move to the shop for their practical training.


Cost: $199 + HST 

A sound understanding of rigging is a critical part of the skill set for many trades and technical occupations. Pixelyard’s Rigging module uses interactive 3D models and other media elements to provide trainees with accurate, easy to understand instruction on Wire Rope, Slings and Rigging Hardware. Through narrated animations and exercises trainees are introduced to a wide range of rigging components and associated terminology, guidelines for their use, including Safety Factors and Working Load Limit (WLL) calculations. Interactive 3d models of components and tools provide trainees with a valuable way to clearly visualize rigging components and their use. Trainees will complete several Knowledge Check exercise to validate their training, identify areas of weakness for further review and to prepare them for hands-on work on the job.